EQUITY - Embodiment, social ineQualities, lifecoUrse epidemiology, cancer and chronIc diseases, intervenTions, methodologY

CERPOP, INSERM - University Toulouse III Paul Sabatier joint research unit

Cyrille Delpierre - Responsable @ 05 61 14 56 74   
The construction of social inequalities in health (SIH) over the life course is the main research theme examined by the EQUITY team. We focus on chronic diseases generally, and cancers in specific. Our team is structured into 4 research axes:

i) Life course epidemiology, social determinants and biological incorporation: This axis examines the causal paths between social environments, biology and health. The main pathways of interest between social exposures and health are: psychosocial (chronic stress), material/environmental, and behavioural. We also examine the biological mechanisms likely to be influenced by upstream social exposures and these pathways, contributing to socially differentiated health states. To achieve this, we use population cohort data;

ii) Access to care: In this axis team members study the role of social determinants in access to care and health management, using epidemiological and health economics analyses in terms of social determinants. Cancer management, the role of general practitioners and access to emergency care are priority themes in this axis;

iii) Methodology:  This axis addresses the important methodological issues arising in the other axes by developing appropriate methods. These include the question of causality (ex: mediation analyses, counterfactual approaches) useful for understanding mechanisms and "testing" interventions, and by developing methods for combining various data sources in order to reconstruct exposure histories, especially social exposures, of study populations;

iv) Interventional research: The interface between research and policy translation is the focus of this interdisciplinary axis. Here, our work attempts to answer questions relating to the reduction of SIH, the choice of the determinants to focus on, the types of intervention to develop and the most appropriate methods to evaluate them. The ‘transferability’ or ‘transport’ of interventions and the role of context are two major issues that we are developing with other disciplines and inter-sectoral policy actors.

All these axes require an indispensable interdisciplinary approach which we maintain through collaborations including colleagues from sociology, political science, psychology, biology, mathematics at national and international levels. The Equity team is a member of the Institut Fédératif d'Etudes et de Recherches Interdisciplinaires Santé Société (Iferiss, director: Thierry Lang) and is involved in the Apprendre et Agir Pour Réduire les Inégalités Sociales de Santé (AAPRISS) platform. Over the years, while carrying out carrying out interdisciplinary research, we have developed methodological approaches aiming at facilitating this type of research in practice.


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Expected health effects

To reduce social inequalities in health by producing epidemiological knowledge and by developing interventional approaches and methods to act upon inequalities

Coopérations and Partnerships

• Dept of Health and Social Behavior; Harvard School of Public Health, Boston
• M. Bartley and D Blane, UCL, London
• J. Siegriest University of Dusseldorf, Germany
• Programme Eurochip, Istituto Nazionale Tumori, Milano, Italie.

Ongoing projects

IBISS : Incorporation Biologique et Inégalités Sociales de Santé. Financement : ANR. Laboratoires : INRA, UMR 1027 Inserm-Université Toulouse 3, UMR 1037 Inserm-Université Toulouse 3, Institut de mathématiques de Toulouse, PDPS Université Toulouse 2
TRANSFERISS : Quelle transférabilité des interventions de réduction des Inégalités Sociales de Santé dans le domaine du cancer ? Financement : INCa. Laboratoires : UMR 1027 Inserm-Université Toulouse 3 – Université de Lyon EA 4148/ENS

Update june 2020